B.A.P Unveil “Feel So Good” Dance Practice Video

B.A.P finally unveil the dance practice version of "Feel So Good"


Despite being busy with their ‘Live on Earth World Tour 2016‘, the boys of B.A.P have dropped a treat for their fans – the dance practice version of “Feel So Good“!

It’s been a while since the boys wrapped up their promotions for their fifth mini-album ‘CARNIVAL‘ and it’s lead single “Feel So Good“. A lot of fans were eagerly waiting for the dance practice version so it’s great that it’s finally out.

Most K-Pop cover dance enthusiasts might have already seen the Mirrored dance version of “Feel So Good” released by 1theK on YouTube for their online cover contest.

The choreography is just as chilled out and as fun as the track and music video with it’s feel good, summer vibe.

Check both videos out below!

“Feel So Good” (Dance Practice)

“Feel So Good” (Mirrored Dance)

Did the dance practice version make you “Feel So Good“?


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