B1A4 Sandeul opens Instagram!!

Sandeul is on Instagram!!


Lo and Behold! B1A4 Sandeul has finally got himself an Instagram account.

With all the other members already on instagram this gives another reason for BANA’s to rejoice. It’s high time Sandeul got himself an instagram account and he just made a grand entry in instagram. Sandeul has even chosen a unique ID for his instagram account as ‘baroganatanatda.’ It has only been a while but the heartthrob is on an uploading spree with hundred plus updates in form of cute selfies, pictures, videos and messages.Looks like he is making up for the time he has not been around. No one’s complaining though,Bana’s across the world love it and so do we!

What has he been up-to? Well ,we are not telling you! If you still haven’t followed Sandeul,we suggest you do it now and join the fun. Follow Sandeul on his official instagram here.

Meanwhile in the other news Sandeul has also been praised by one of the most established kpop singer JYJ Junsu for being able to ‘sing with his heart.’ B1A4 is currently on European tour now and have recently released a beautiful digital single for Christmas on 10th December.


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