B2ST’s Junhyung says “Anyway Merry Christmas!” in new solo track!

Junhyung releases a solo song for Christmas!


It’s Christmas time and the idols are giving their fans the gifts of their lifetime with Christmas special songs one after another and this time it is none other than B2ST’s Junhyung!

The B2ST member dropped a short solo track titled “Anyway Merry Christmas!” showing off his soft and sweet voice in the beautiful melody, as a gift for all the B2UTIES around the world for the Christmas season.

Known as the Poppin’ Dragon or Joker, Junhyung is usually known for his amazing rapping skills and is the main rapper of his group B2ST. However, in this song he shows off his different side of the coin and proves his amazing singing skills.

Check out his new song “Anyway Merry Christmas” here:

While Junhyung made his solo debut in December 2013 with the mini album “Flower” and the title track “Flower” topping various music charts, B2ST recently made their comeback with their eighth mini album “Ordinary” and the title song “YeY” won No.1 spot in various music shows.

What do you think of Junhyung’s new song? Do you like it? Because, we are totally loving it!


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