BaekChenXi will lend voices for Moon Lovers OST


Anyone who has witnessed the EXO’rdium concerts, will know of the rise of this new vocal unit.

BaekChenXi, or Baekhyun, Chen and Xiumin, will be participating in the ‘Moon Lovers’ OST and singing for the main ending theme song. Baekhyun, the main vocal of EXO, is already an important part of the cast of this drama. He is playing the playful 10th prince who captures the female lead’s heart with his happy and warm nature.

With his group mates supporting him with the OST, it will surely bring a sense of home at the shooting set. Other than Chen and Xiumin, Taeyeon will also be singing the main song for the drama’s OST.

A lot of expectations have been raised, with fans excitedly saying – “ I hope they got a good song. Their voice color is good !!!!!”
“Heol daebak!”

Clearly, the coming together of EXO’s three main vocals will be creating a huge wave of fangirl heart problems. But we hope the good news excites you even more for the upcoming drama.

Let’s support all the OST singers and the cast by appreciating ‘Moon Lovers’ !


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