Bang Yonguk Convey His Emotions, Loneliness And Struggles Through His Newest Release ‘Hikikomori’!

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With his departure from B.A.P on 23 august 2018 the charismatic rapper and artist Bang Yongguk has finally comeback with a solo single title “Hikikomori” on January the 20th.

‘Hikikomori’ is a Japanese term for a condition in which the affected individuals isolate themselves from society in their homes for a period exceeding six months.

‘Hikikomori’, also topped the itune charts in various countries including US, Taiwan, Denmark, Thailand and etc. Watch the music video below

The music video re-imagines Yongguk as Hikkomori, with powerful lyrics that convey his emotion, loneliness and struggles. Yongguk also said that the song was written to share his story but he welcomed different interpretation from people and he is thankful for fans for waiting for him for a long time. The artist also mentioned how he want to tell and share other people’s story from his music.

Yongguk has never failed to bring insightful perspective to the songs he wrote. From social justice to dealing with mental stigma, Yongguk presents his music not only for entertainment but to engage with issues in the contemporary society.

Bang Yongguk has also announced his upcoming official tour for Europe by March 2019 and the release of his solo full length album.

You can support Bang Yongguk single ‘Hikikomori’ in the below links

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