BEAST’s Yoseob and Indie Artist Richard Parkers Up For a Collaboration

BEAST's Yoseob & Richard Parkers to sing their "Story"!


BEAST’s Yoseob will be collaborating with indie artist Richard Parkers for an upcoming collaboration.

BEAST’s Yoseob uploaded his Instagram with a picture of Richard Parkers signature mascot, a Tiger, and announced the upcoming collaboration with the talented female singer-songwriter indie artist. Richard Parkers also uploaded her official Instagram announcing the collaboration with the versatile main vocalist of BEAST.

3월 10일.

A photo posted by 냥 (@yysbeast) on Mar 6, 2016 at 6:29pm PST


The duo will be releasing a collaborative single titled “Story” on March 10th and will be singing of a love which can’t be forgotten even after years apart from each other. Their collaboration is one to be anticipated for as both artists are vocally talented and have great range of musical talent.

BEAST’s main vocalist Yoseob is already quite known for his amazing collaborations with other artists such as 4Minute’s Gayoon, A-Pink’s Eunji and most famously with world renowned Opera singer Jo Sumi.

This will be a collaboration everyone will be looking for!

The collaborative single “Story” will drop on March 10th.


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