BHUTAN To Witness It’s First K-POP CONCERT This June!


K-Pop fans in BHUTAN will have their first ever K-POP CONCERT this June!

Hallyu Wave having become a global phenomenon, it’s popularity and influence is no exception to youths of Bhutan. From music to fashion to lifestyle to food, Korean Culture has made it’s way into the lives of the young generation.

Now the K-Pop Fans in Bhutan are in for a treat, they will get to have their first K-Pop experience first hand this June. The Tourism Council of Bhutan in Collaboration with Dynasty Co., Ltd is organizing “K-POP SUPER CONCERT” on June 17th to commemorate “30 Years Of Korea-Bhutan Diplomatic Ties“. The concert will be held at Main Football Stadium, Thimphu, BHUTAN from 3:00PM9:00PM UTC+06. The concert is part of Cultural-Exchange and Friendship Project.

The K-POP artist joining the event is none other than the global Hallyu star PSY along with K-Pop idol groups – BOYS REPUBLIC, GFRIEND, LOVELYZ, BADKIDZ and HWANG CHIYEUL.

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The concert will be a free event. The organizers are expecting over 30,000 prospective visitors especially from neighboring counties like India and China during the event. Also, foreigners especially South Koreans that will get special discount travelling fees to come for the concert.

The organizers will also give the young talented artist of Bhutan a platform through this event. They stated, “Some of the talented young Bhutanese artists have already been interviewed, and their performances shot by the world famous Korean ‘KBS Tv network ‘ and will be screened to 40 million viewers around the world in 71 countries

“We would like to promote our talented young Bhutanese artists through international media and also through the super concert…Our Young artists have talents but they need exposure and opportunity”

Are you ready for the once in a lifetime K-Pop experience come this June?

Meanwhile, check out the congratulatory video message and greetings to the fans while we wait for the exciting day.

Boys Republic (소년공화국) greeting video

Hwang Chiyeul’s greeting video

LOVELYZ’s greeting video

For more information on the concert, check the official event page HERE. Also follow and support the official page HERE 


Stay tune for more updates!!


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