BIGBANG comeback stage on KBS Music Bank, talks on appearance on Running Man


BIGBANG is making sure their comeback is a BANG! (like it isn’t already is, not that anyone is complaining keke) We can never get enough of these boys. The group will soon be seen in Music Bank & Running Men too….YES!!

According to an exclusive report by Sports Today, BIGBANG is looking to make a group appearance on “Running Man,” for the first time in three long years.

Several industry insiders have stated that the group has a “Running Man” appearance coming up, and in a statement to Sports Today on the morning of May 13, an affiliate of SBS Entertainment said, “BIGBANG is going over final details regarding their ‘Running Man’ appearance. The filming date is predicted to be near the end of this month, but it hasn’t been decided as of yet.”

“Running Man” producer Im Hyung Taek also spoke to media, and said, “It hasn’t been confirmed yet. They are currently in discussions for an appearance.”

In addition, they will be making an appearance on KBS Music Bank as part of their comeback promotions.

Officials from the music show confirmed on May 13th that BIGBANG will indeed be making an appearance this week (May 15th) and perform their comeback stages for “LOSER” and “BAE BAE.”

For reasons that YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk revealed in an interview this week, the popular group has not been seen on any KBS shows recently. With the recent appearance of Jinusean on Happy Together and Music Bank, both KBS shows, it seems that Yang Hyuk Suk’s expectations have been met.

In addition to their upcoming appearance on Music Bank, BIGBANG will also make their first appearance on a KBS variety show as a whole group on Happy Together 3, the first time this has occurred in nine years.