BIGBANG To Comeback With ‘Tenth Anniversary’ Album?

Are you excited for their comeback?

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Hallyu star BIGBANG will celebrate their tenth anniversary since debut this year. And to make it even more meaningful, the group might comeback with a new album on the special occasion!

In an interview to ‘Entertainment Weekly’ leader G-Dragon, who was asked about their anticipated comeback replied, “Since it’s our tenth anniversary this year, I think it will be a meaningful and important album for the five of us. Because of that, we’re being more cautious and trying not to rush.”

The interviewer pressed with, “But we’ll be able to hear it within this year, right? Since it’s your tenth anniversary?”. The witty leader answered with a sarcastic, “Well, it can’t be our eleventh anniversary album,”. He further added, “We’re working hard to put it out this year.

When questioned about the ten years time the members spent together, G-Dragon expressed, “That’s true, it’s been ten years since we debuted. We also spent our trainee years together before that, so it’s been longer than ten years together. Now we really feel like family.”

With speculations floating about possible military enlistment of BIGBANG member(s) this year, this comeback is bound to be precious for V.I.P.s for so many reasons!

Are you waiting for the boys comeback too?





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