BIGBANG continues to sway fans in their MADE tour !


We know for a fact that when Bigbang does something they do it big. Grand comeback , hitting music charts and sold out tickets this boys attracted 24,000 fans on Oct. 10th and 11th at their MADE tour concerts held at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey!

Thousands of fans gathered to witness BIGBANG perform live and swayed into the songs of “If you” , “Band bang bang” , Loser” and “Sober ” from their latest album MADE. Along with this they also performed popular hits like “Blue” , “Haru Haru” etc and the fans sang along with the sea of golden glow sticks.  

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While the fans formed a flash mob and danced to “Bang bang bang ” , there were thousands in line to buy the BIGBANG MADE merchandise.

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Meanwhile, we may also add that BIGBANG attracted 73,000 fans in total in their MADE tour concerts in Las Vegas, L.A., Anaheim, Mexico City and New Jersey. Next they will be performing in Toronto on Oct. 13th.

Can we wish atleast that they come to INDIA too ?