bigbang-happy-together {kpop-india}BIGBANG EPISODE OF “HAPPY TOGETHER3” TO BE 100 MIN LONG!bigbang happy together 300x178

All the VIP’s you need to hold your breathe as BIGBANG expose their stories in a 100 minute long special episode of “HAPPY TOGETHER 3″ . YES! you read it right. 100 minute !!!! >_<

The show will bring out the scope of YG family by the 10 year old idol group member’s G-DRAGON,TAEYANG,T.O.P,SEUNGRI AND DAESUNG.
GD starts the round saying about YANG HYUN SUKBefore, he didn’t leave the office that often. Now he visits dermatologists and shops for clothes a lot, too. His head may be up in the clouds with the thought that he is a celebrity.” Then , the rest adds that they have spotted him in different places making all the people at the shooting burst to laughter.

bigbang-happy-together-2 {kpop-india}BIGBANG EPISODE OF &#8220;HAPPY TOGETHER3&#8221; TO BE 100 MIN LONG!bigbang happy together 2 300x178

T.O.P adds to the atmosphere saying , “Though the YG cafeteria is famous for its delicious food, in reality, it’s not worth the hype. Some parts have been exaggerated.”
This show is definitely going to crack us up with the level of sense of humour that has rocketed with years in each of them.
Dont forget to catch the show of KBS 2TV’S “HAPPY TOGETHER 3 on MAY 21 , 11:15 PM.