Bigbang is The ‘Most Influencial Group’ in Asia at The 5th Gaon KPOP Chart Awards + Performance


At the recently held 5th Gaon KPOP Chart Awards, Bigbang won the ‘Yinyuetai: Most Influential Group in Asia’  besides winning ‘Artist of The Year’ for the months May-August. Bigbang made a comeback with the ‘MADE’ series last year and they have been receiving much praise for it. They recently made a Japan ‘Made’ comeback and is continuing their ‘MADE’ world tour. Bigbang is in the process of completing their ‘MADE’ album.

Check out their acceptance speeches and performance in the end!


Bigbang’s maknae Seungri brought two fandoms screaming with joy when he sang his part for ‘Bae Bae’ sitting on Super Junior Kangin’s lap. Remember how he did the same with Sehun from EXO at the MAMA 2015? He was also seen dancing with Super Junior’s Leeteuk for ‘We Like To Party’. Bigbang performed their hit songs – Bae Bae , Bang Bang Bang and We like to Party from their MADE series impressing everyone with their signature live performances and fun antics and many idol groups were seen standing up and enjoying their performance!

Congratulations Bigbang for the awards!


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