BigBang T.O.P Mimics Top Hollywood Actors in His Instagram Videos

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Bigbang members are famous worldwide not only for their music but also for their goofy acts. Especially T.O.P always outperforms all the other members of bigbang when it comes in doing such kind of acts.

T.O.P made February 10,2016 an unforgettable day for all his followers in Instagram. He uploaded few videos of him imitating some of the most famous Hollywood actors. The List of Hollywood stars whom he imitated starts from Robert De Niro and continues to the present day Hollywood actor Johnny depp. It looks like T.O.P made use of an app to con his face with the photos of all the Hollywood stars while compiling those videos. The list of Hollywood actors whom he imitated includes Robert De Niro , Mickey Rouke , James Dean, Andy Warhol and Johnny Depp.

It is amazing in how he was aware of all these famous hollywood actors and it is even more amazing to see him do it perfectly.

Check out the following videos of T.O.P which he shared on his instagram account.

T.O.P imitating Robert De Niro

T.O.P imitating Mickey Rouke

T.O.P imitating James Dean

T.O.P imitating Andy Warhol

T.O.P imitating Johnny Depp

NO , we are not complaining of his spams . We are extremely filled to the brim cracking our heads . Follow T.O.P on instagram : choi_seung_hyun_tttop


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