Bigbang Top replies to fan like a boss!


PhotoGrid_1431925998963 {kpop-india}Bigbang Top replies to fan like a boss!PhotoGrid 1431925998963 300x300It’s been 4 weeks since he joined instagram and he has filled  posts ranging from selcas to art to random pictures to his daily life feeds. TOP has about  310 posts till now with 1.3 million followers and surprisingly he also reads What his fans comments not forgetting to reply whenever it is required!

In another recent post,  his fan commented about his posts spamming her feeds asking him to stop posting to Which he replied ” Then Please Unfollow. This is my Space ~”

pc. big bang Philippines(FB)  {kpop-india}Bigbang Top replies to fan like a boss!PhotoGrid 1431926034017 300x300
pc. big bang Philippines(FB)


BAM!  The Boss definitely knows how to defend himself. (Ahem.. That’s like my boy *winks*)