BIGBANG’s ‘MADE’ movie gains 10million views in less than a day!


The world popular group, BIGBANG released ‘BIGBANG MADE-THE MOVIE’ to commemorate their 10th year anniversary.
The movie follows Big Bang from the beginning till the end of their world tour in a documentary format to give a close and personal view of their 340 days journey of the tour as they perform in 32 cities in 13 countries.
kpop India {kpop-india}BIGBANG’s ‘MADE’ movie gains 10million views in less than a day!Big Bang 1464756543 Cj1kabxXAAARDLgThe movie premiered in theaters in South Korea on 30th of June and was a huge success!

As a result the movie was also released online in China on 25th July.

Well, Big Bang didn’t just stop with this! Within 3 hours of release in China, the movie gathered eight million views and by the end of 18th hour the movie attained a mammoth mark of 10 million views and over 18,500 reviews!

The virtuoso Big Bang indeed!


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