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BIGBANG’s T.O.P Under Fire For Marijuana Use + YG Reponds!

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BIGBANG member T.O.P, who is currently serving in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency as a conscripted police officer is under fire for marijuana use!

Reports of T.O.P been charged with marijuana use emerged earlier. Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, “BIGBANG’s T.O.P was handed over to prosecutors last April for charges regarding illegal drug use.”

According to police, T.O.P smoked marijuana at his home in Seoul in October with a female acquaintance. The police received a tip in March, and tested his hair while he was training at the police officer training facility. He was tested positive for marijuana use.

In the police investigation that followed, he had reportedly denied the charges, saying, “I only smoked electronic cigarettes and I didn’t know it was marijuana.”

YG Entertainment responded to this incident, saying, “Hello. This is YG Entertainment. Firstly, we relay our deepest apologies. After confirming with T.O.P, we have confirmed that as reported, during his military service, he was summoned to be investigated for smoking marijuana before his enlistment. He has finished with all of the investigations diligently, and in the investigation process, he has admitted to most of the allegations and is reflecting deeply. We are sorry once again for worrying many people.”

Following these details, it was further revealed that the female acquaintance is a trainee. According to new reports, T.O.P and the trainee smoked marijuana at his home three times. The trainee has been investigated by the police and also tested positive for marijuana use.

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