BigHit drops a BTS short Film ‘WINGS #1 BEGIN’ featuring Jungkook


Okay A.R.M.Ys, BigHit has done it again!

BigHit dropped a really big one tonight. A short filmed titled ” WINGS ” as added #1 BEGIN posted on BigHit’s official YouTube account ‘ibighit’ around 8:35pm IST.

The video begins with a narration “The realms of day and night, two different worlds coming from two opposite poles, mingled during this time” and then Jungkook, maknae of BTS wakes up to a dark room. Alone, confused and looking around the room that looks unfamiliar to him. The bed he laid on was removed to find a painting in front of him. A portrait of a person, looking at the YouTube comment section you will find a lot of people wondering if it is V (Taehyung), Jin who many thought might be the one in the afterlife or Jungkook himself. The scene quickly turns melancholy and in the dark walls the painting bleeding colors and black at the end of the video as it goes up in flame. While Jungkook looks at it, it turns to a tearful sight while the rain pours outside. The video does not ends there, it involves and envelope too. So go watch the video above to find out rest of the details and see if you got something to share.

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Now, the “#1 Begin” may make you wonder if BigHit will drop a series of the other members too, because it is only the beginning. BigHit loves to tease A.R.M.Ys or challenge them to figure out the videos by dropping clues and hint with no answers till date since the HYYH era.

The narration above is taken from a novel, Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth written by Hermann Hesse.

If you are a theorist and you would love a challenge follow BTS and BigHit on twitter and YouTube as well also be sure to turn the notification on for more updates.


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