[BIRTHDAY THROWBACK] Luna- “Free Somebody” Review

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Happy 23rd birthday to Luna, of f(x)! 

Born on August 12, 1993the main vocal and lead dancer of f(x) has had an amazing year so far, with her successful solo debut being the biggest highlight!

In honor of her birthday, here’s a throwback!

Luna Debut Solo Single “Free Somebody” Review

DKPop India After endless anticipation by “MeU”, the global fandom of veteran girl group f(x); around the world, main vocalist Park Sun-Young, better known by her stage name Luna, made her solo debut on May 31st with the release of the EP “Free Somebody”, promoted by the title track of the same name.

Widely regarded as one of the strongest voices in K-Pop, rivaling current K-Pop Queen Taeyeon, and often favorably compared to veteran soloist BoA – Luna certainly sounds more than ready to challenge the various other solo debuts of the year, with the daring EDM track, “Free Somebody”.

Opening with cheery synths, the track artfully veers along the lines of previous f(x) releases, and goes back and forth between the typical catchy manufactured dance-pop mass produced by S.M. Entertainment, It is punctuated by unusually heavy EDM beats,and Luna’s powerful voice soars through- almost as if she is freeing herself from the typical K-Pop idol mold.

Lyrically, the song aggressively urges the listener to “free somebody”- and that somebody could be anybody and/or everybody. The theme is the arguably universal desire to “break free” from restraints, whether physical or mental. The chorus builds up to finding that “ultimate dream” inside our hearts, and “freeing ourselves” to achieve it. Not a very unique idea, but nonetheless, better than your average love song.


DKPop India Vocally, Luna’s clear and chiming vocals infiltrate the song, starting with a restrained voice, and powerfully hitting the high notes in the chorus, All the while she sounds fresh and energetic- or to put it in other words, ready to kick some serious ass. Through this song, Luna effectively manages to prove and cement her status as one of the most talented vocalists in Kpop.


DKPop India The accompanying music video is also a treasure, and I can see it becoming a gem in the future. The choreography is fiery and continually energetic, echoing the general mood of the song as expected, because apart from being the main vocalist, Luna is also the lead dancer of her group. What sets the video really apart from all others is, not the choreography or the outfits, but the animated sequence, which is heavily infused along with close-ups of Luna’s pretty face and a storyline involving romance. The video also doesn’t shy away from unconventional imagery, which adds to its undeniable charm.


DKPop India As far as her debut stage performance is concerned, Luna completely killed it. Her confidence and talent shines through, and the deafening repetitive fan chants of “Park Sun-Young, Park Sun-Young, Park Sun-Young!”, during the breakdown, added to the explosively energetic atmosphere.


What can we expect in the future from this fiery star? A definite “Lunar eclipse” of other solo acts, for sure.

Watch the music video for “Free Somebody” below:


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