Black Pink joins G-Dragon and Dara as Moonshot’s newest Face.

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Black Pink, YG Entertainment‘s newest and latest artist/group that debuted on August 8th with their MV ” BOOMBAYAH ” and ” WHISTLE ” has something more in store as that become the new muses of MoonShot, YG Ent. own beauty brand that released not too long ago.

Along with Black Pink‘s Sumbaenim’s G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang and Dara of 2NE1, Black Pink will be promoting Moonshot, modeling for the company’s beauty products.

Black Pink‘s promotion starts off quite high with position as on of the faces of MoonShot, a very recommended beauty brand in Korea, we can only say things will get better and interesting for the rookie group if their company gives them a head start with a blessing like being a muse.

Check the photo below and notice the hashtags, and you will find #BlackPinkLipstick. Could it be that Moonshot will start a new Black Pink Line ?

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