BLACKPINK Ready To “Kill This Love”


BLINKs around the world can be heard screaming in top of the lungs as their favourite queens, BLACKPINK is ready to hit the screens on 5th April with their single “Kill This Love”. With multiple teaser images and videos, the quartet never left their fandom to rest.

YG Entertainment

On March 25, YG Entertainment released their first solo teaser image of Lisa, followed by Jennie, Jisoo and Rose. The fearless gazes and dashing aura kept the fans bemused. The act did not just stop with pictures but individual teaser videos were released further to reveal the bold and daring divas. With piercing gazes and distinct costumes, the members showed off their flawless faces.

In addition, the track list of the album was out unraveling “Kill This Love” as the single and “Don’t Know What To Do” as a subtitle. The list also includes songs “Kick It”, “Hope Not” and “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” remix making it a five track album. All the songs are written and produced bt Teddy Park, who is known for making great music.

YG Entertainment

On April 3, a bombastic teaser video for the single was released, making the fans more anxious about the comeback. The 20 second video might be a short one but the irresistible video managed to pull in more than 4 million views already. With such striking visuals and powerful audio, the teaser already promised an unbeatable comeback from the ladies.

By keeping us spellbound throughout the clip, the members shout out “Let’s kill this love” with charisma, giving us an alarm to hunt us down soon.

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