BLACKPINK’s own reality show??

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On August 24 , YG Entertainment stated that BLACKPINK is going to have its own reality show titled “BLACKPINK TV“. The program is a result of continuous requests from the fans for seeing the girls on a variety program. This show will include videos from the daily life of the members so that the fans can get to know them in a more friendly and intimate manner.

A representative of YG stated,”Thanks a lot for all the interest and love, we are really overwhelmed. We’ll bring BLACKPINK closer to their fans by showcasing various content through “BLACKPINK TV”.

After the girls debuted with their double title songs “Whistle” and “Boombayah”, they have taken over not only the hearts of million of people, but also top places on numerous music charts like Melon, Monkey3, Olleh Music, Naver, Bugs, Mnet Music, Soribada, and Genie. Their thirst for success does not stop here as the group ranked No. 1 on the iTunes chart of 14 countries and captured the first and second spots of Billboards World Digital Songs Chart and China’s QQ Music’s weekly charts.

As to climb another step on the ladder of ruling the K-pop world, BLACKPINK became the girl group having the shortest time between the debut and #1 nomination on a music show (INKIGAYO) and for the cherry on top they even proved this nomination righteous by winning the first place with “Whistle”, while “Boombayah” took the third slot.

BLACKPINK was also nominated #1 on M!Countdown against EXO but lost to the live votes by getting only 2% votes while EXO got 98% votes. Well, it’s okay I guess seeing that they are just novices and EXO are their sunbaes and have a much larger fanbase. The best thing, in my opinion, is that the fans (even EXO-Ls) are still cheering for BLACKPINK and congratulating them for the #2 spot instead of calling them out as losers.

While waiting for the BLACKPINK TV, watch BLACKPINK’s Behind the Scene video here.


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