BoA releases ‘Christmas Paradise’ for SM’s Winter Garden project

BoA's 'Christmas Paradise' sure to be a Christmas favourite!


SM Entertainment‘s winter project ‘Winter Garden‘ had fans curious from day one of their announcement. Beginning with just a mysterious picture, the project had fans eagerly waiting for the release of each track by their favourite SM artists. With the release of it’s first track by electronic dance pop group f(x) titled ‘Wish List‘ and second track by fresh and bubbly Red Velvet titled ‘Wish Tree‘, it seems that the third track is by f(x) and Red Velvet’s senior label mate, the K-Pop legend BoA (보아)!

BoA‘s ‘Winter Garden‘ track is titled ‘Christmas Paradise‘ and features the solo artist’s unique vocals take on an ethereal quality that embodies the Christmas spirit. It comes as no surprise that her track is amazingly soothing and already gaining much popularity and an extremely positive reception from her loyal fans – Jumping BoA – and netizens alike!

The art work for the single seems to be keeping up with the general theme for SM’s ‘Winter Garden‘ project with its elegant simplicity.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BoA releases ‘Christmas Paradise’ for SM’s Winter Garden projectBoA Winter Garden Christmas Paradise

The uplifting track is sure to be a favorite this Christmas. Take a listen to the track below:

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