BoA Visits BFF TVXQ’s Yunho In The Military


At the recently hosted 30th Japan Gold Disc Awards, legendary K-Pop group TVXQ were awarded the title of “Best Asian Artist” for the third consecutive time and also won “Best Music Video (Asia)” for their DVD “TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2015: WITH”. Cassiopeia are super excited to hear that TVXQ continue to slay charts and win awards despite currently being in the army. But the treats don’t stop there!

Fans have also received an update on TVXQ’s Yunho from his best friend and label mate BoA who recently visited him in the army!

The pretty artist posted a selca taken with Yunho on her Instagram (@boakwon) with the caption – “#군인친구 윤호~~^^ 잘 지내는 모습도 보고~~ 면회란것도 처음 가보고~~ 친구덕에 새로운 경험 많이 하네용 ^^ 우리 윤호 건강히 잘 지냅니다!! 휴가 나오면 또 보자!! (윤호가 월급으로 점심 쐈음돠!! )”

The caption translates to – “My military friend Yunho~ I got to see you doing well~ And I got to come to my first visit to a friend in the military~ Thanks to my friend here, I get to enjoy a new experience ^^ Our Yunho is healthy and well in the military! Let’s meet up again when you come out for vacation! (Yunho treated me to lunch with his pay!!)

Their friendship is a longstanding one and it’s wonderful to see just how close the two artists are!

SM Entertainment has also recently released what fans call a ‘collector’s item‘ – a special 10th Anniversary concert photo album titled ‘I AM HERE BESIDE YOU’. The photo album of TVXQ’s 10th anniversary tour ‘TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY & …‘ covers all 10 locations of the duo’s live tour and is divided into four segments – Rehearsals, Waiting Room & Preparations, Performances and Fan Interactions. The album reportedly contains behind-the-scenes accounts of the tour, interviews of TVXQ and the tour staff and letters from TVXQ to Cassiopeia!

TVXQ - I Am Here Beside You {kpop-india}BoA Visits BFF TVXQ’s Yunho In The MilitaryTVXQ I Am Here Beside You

Aren’t Cassiopeia having an absolutely awesome week?


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