‘Boys24’ Extend Audition Dates Due to Huge Turnout!

New K-Pop performance project 'Boys24' has it's audition deadline extended!


As reported earlier, ‘Boys24‘ will not be a new idol group, but a new kind of ‘Hallyu performance’. It is a never-before seen K-pop performance project where 24 specially selected male trainees will hold live performances for 365 days straight at a permanently established concert venue. The boys will have to pass an audition and will receive training for their performances.

The show’s concept hasn’t only been popular with K-Pop fans, but apparently trainees as well. The program which opened it’s audition page in January have officially extended their deadline until March 11th due to the huge number of applicants.

The trainee survival show has reportedly recruited trainees from several major Entertainment companies including YG, JYP, SM, Woollim, Jellyfish, Mystic, LOEN, DSP, Yue Hua and more!

Mnet will be broadcasting the new new male trainee survival program which will showcase the auditions, the selection process, the training and the performance preparations that will go into the project.

They have also revealed that ‘Boys24’ are scheduled to begin performing in August this year at the Popcorn Hall in the Mesa Building in Myeongdong, Seoul.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!


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