Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain to Make a Comeback in September!


According to music industry insiders on August 27, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain will make a comeback in early September, and is in the final stages of completing her new album. She recently finished recording the new songs, and the shooting for the album jacket is also in progress.

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A Teaser Image for Gain’s Comeback was Uploaded on the Singer’s Official Facebook

This was confirmed by Brown Eyed Girls’ agency Mystic Entertainment on the same day, they released the following statement in response to the news, “It is true that she will make her solo comeback in early September.”

The singer is returning as a solo artist after one year and six months since her last mini album “Hawwah”, was released in March last year. She also lent her voice to the track “The Sound of You Coming” along with Minseo for the movie “The Handmaiden” in June this year.

Check out the music video for Gain’s last solo release, “Paradise Lost”, below!

Also check out the song “The Sound of You Coming”, a part of “The Handmaiden” OST, below!

Are you excited for Gain’s comeback? What kind of music are you expecting from her? Are you also waiting for her group, Brown Eyed Girls, to make a comeback soon? Tell us in the comments section below!


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