BTOB Releases MV Teaser For ‘Remember That’!

MV teasers for BTOB's comeback is out!


CUBE Entertainment’s BTOB, who are set to make their comeback on March 28, took their tease further with the release of MV teasers!

Two MV teasers for BTOB’s eighth mini album ‘Remember That’ have been released!

In the first teaser, you can dote on all your boys! Out of their MV still images with the melodious background of their title track, the boys will surely make your heart flutter!

In the second teaser released, member Minhyuk takes the lead with his leading lady! The two of them are enjoying their small date together, smiling and staring at each other lovingly! Minhyuk sure can’t take his eyes off her!

With such sweet teasers, how amazing do you think the MV will be? Melodies, brace yourselves, the boys are determined to get you!


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