BTS Become “Boy With Luv” In Their New Single


ARMYs are you ready to meet your boys with love?

The world-wide popular septet kept our first weeks of April busy as they sketched our hearts with their artistic teasers. The mini album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA was presented to the fans on April 12. After days of craving patience, ARMYs were able to receive their most awaited treasure. The album was released along with their single “Boy With Luv” which crashed every server with millions of view in hours.

The Single:

“Boy With Luv” shows off a different side of the act as they flash a pleasant smile while delivering us a funky track. Halsey’s collaboration with BTS can be proclaimed as a hit, as her vocals blend in perfectly while they sing together “Oh my my my, oh my my my”. The up-beat song sets a happy mood as the boys spread love and warmth through their lyrics.

With pre-chorus singing “I’m flying high in the sky” and “I want you tuned in to my eyes, yeah you makin’ me a boy with love”, the act confess their love in a more mature way standing contrast to their previous “Boy In Luv”. Four years ago the teenagers were aggressive and rebellious while expressing their first love but after a journey of self love, the act now loves themselves and values every little thing from their lover.

The lyrics also connect with their album WINGS when R.M sings the lines “With the wings of Icarus you gave me, Not towards the sun but towards you, let me fly”, as they know where and how to find love.

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From BigHit

Dressed in pink, the boys break the stereotype of colours and appear to be the cutest with twinkling eyes. The video begins with Halsey bringing down the shutters of a theatre named “Persona”, the American pop star also joins the act on screen showing off her quick dance moves. With bright lights and colours filling the space, the song up-lifts the mood of the viewers as we watch. The delight noted single ends even more blissful as the septet shout out “Boy with Love” with smiles and laughter, emitting the bond as a group and the sense of belonging with their family (The ARMYs).

MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA comes out with seven tracks along with the title. The track list includes “Intro-Persona” from R.M, “Jamais Vu” from the trio, Jin, J-hope and Jungkook. Followed by “Home”, which is a song specially dedicated to ARMYs, “Dionysus” and “Make It Right”, where Ed Sheeran helped with the lyrics.

The album is a new beginning after their love yourself series, waiting to unravel more in the future and ARMYs are so ready!

After long time BTS has pulled out a flower boy concept!! That’s was pretty cool RM and min yoongi’s Rap part was beyong perfection!! Taehyung gestures can make any fangirl go crazy!! Jhope kookie killed the vocals and Jimin’s dance moves and vocals were lit!! The only drawback I felt was they could have used Hasley’s vocal more!! Over all, it is such an amazing MV. – Raashmi

Actually, I was a bit stressed about the album’s theories during the teasers… But when I listened to the main pieces…. The lyrics for so much relatable for anyone but especially for teenagers… It was pretty perfect from head to toe. That is from Intro to outro… On the whole, I’m never regretting being an ARMY… –Pooja

BTS sure do take their time with each album!! The songs were different yet they all spoke the same message of loving one-self from different perspectives. Each lyric had an underlying story or a concept which made it more substantial. Other than that, this album is a banger! –Serena

Each and every song was diverse having its own flavour. The album on the whole is nice and the title song is catchy with meaning lyrics wic are written for the fandom and Halsey also did a great job🤩 –Celestina

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