BTS Gets Their First Ever ‘BTS BILLBOARD’ In India Right In The Heart Of The City Of Pune!

kpop india

The music scene in India is dominated by Bollywood where most of the population is pre-occupied by the huge Bollywood industry, K-Pop is striving hard to gain attention.

With the recent interest of Indian music channels like VH1, K-Pop fans are becoming more and more enthusiastic and passionate about bringing the K-wave to India and BTS ARMY is one of the biggest name in the game!

For the upcoming much anticipated September comeback ‘LOVE YOURSELF – HER’ Indian ARMYs with the help of National Fanbase BangtanINDIA came with a fund raiser project for a ‘BTS Promotional BILLBOARD in India‘.

The huge Billboard of BTS stands in the center of the city Pune and is the first ever BTS Billboard in the country showcasing the large ARMY fanbase in India. Fans donated hefty sums to make the Billboard Project by BangtanINDIA successful.

Catch a glimpse of the beautifully installed BTS Billboard in one of the major cities – PUNE.

Congratulations BangtanINDIA and all the Indian ARMYs!!


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