Ayo oh ARMYs!

After a whole session of serious deductions, pondering over the ‘boy meets….’ phrase, hair pulling in frustration and joy with the release of  “WINGS” short film series, we have some great news for you all out there.
This is the beginning for all your quires to be answered or maybe not! (when have the music videos ever answered your questions straight!)

BTS is having a comeback very soon; sooner than you all thought.

*Also blow some confetti around*

On 25th September, BIG HIT Entertainment revealed that BTS will be releasing their 2nd full length album, WINGS on 10th of October.

Also, BTS released the comeback trailer featuring J-Hope on Naver’s V APP. You can catch J-HOPE in his best forte, dance, and listen to him rap in the trailer. Also, the title answers one of your quires.
Whom does the boy meet? EVIL.
It’s titled ‘Boy Meets Evil’.

BTS WINGS {kpop-india}BTS COMEBACK DATE ANNOUNCED!Screenshot 2016 09 25 21 10 33 1024x576 {kpop-india}Single Cloud Template – Fast NewsScreenshot 2016 09 25 21 10 33 1024x576You can watch the trailer here.

Also, the pre-order sales for the album is to begin from 28th of September, start saving some money, find your reliable source and place your orders.


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Oh hello there... I was sucked into this abyss ruled by Koreans and now I have no way out!


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