BTS Concept Photo : “It’s a #YoonMin thing”


September 30th 00:00 KST it is all about BTS’s Second album WINGS’s photo concept of Suga and Jimin.

Just yesterday BigHit released the Concept photo of Rap Monster and Jungkook for WINGS. The pairing was according to their mark of the logo that was combined in BTS WINGS short films, BEGIN and REFLECTION.

As predicted the next pair (couple) was of Jimin and Suga, who’s marks combined in BTS WINGS short films, LIE and FIRST LOVE. And similarly their outfits goes hand in hand, you can never go wrong with White and Pink. Also their pants and sweater go very well. Could this mean they have a track just for this duo? Even if it isn’t true BigHit surely ship then well. (#YoonMin is real )

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS Concept Photo : “It’s a #YoonMin thing”14463087 1206346566090885 5055020295472649456 n 200x300KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS Concept Photo : “It’s a #YoonMin thing”14522829 1415690125112912 8395691642759079246 n 300x200Below you will see Suga is finally back to his dark hair color, not all the way black but dark enough to dime the colors that were the shades on his hair from the previous concepts. But AGUST D surely has the package to take on any color and still make it look beautiful and perfect. Do you notice something on the second photo where he is laying on his back ? Check BTS WINGS short films #4 FIRST LOVE.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS Concept Photo : “It’s a #YoonMin thing”14462812 1206346646090877 4190253466783945901 n 300x200 KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS Concept Photo : “It’s a #YoonMin thing”14463036 1206346696090872 6850390800076808744 n 200x300

And here, Yoongi’s partner, has soft and subtle tone unlike the black that he was in, which is a contradiction but hey, that is what makes it the perfect match. Jimin has ash colored hair now, and his outfit is tinted with same color. And Jimin, could you pass me the apple? Bingo! BTS WINGS short film #2 LIE is something you need to watch if you haven’t felt a connection to this concept.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS Concept Photo : “It’s a #YoonMin thing”14479659 1206346732757535 761503961321724133 n 300x200 KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS Concept Photo : “It’s a #YoonMin thing”14485169 1206346736090868 1215739113432438672 n 300x200

Now, 4 down and 3 to go. Which pair will be up tomorrow or the day after? You can make guess though it is obvious if you followed all of the 7 BTS WINGS short films.

Click on the post below to read the previous article and first concept photo with Rap Monster and Jungkook.

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Until then follow us as we update you more on Bangtan Sonyeondan’s upcoming 2nd Full length album WINGS. October 10 is just around the corner.


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