BTS CONCEPT PHOTO for WINGS : Leader Vs Maknae


It is here!

Finally, from unexpected Short films that bombarded your almost peaceful lives (ALMOST) to once again theories, seeking answers to still unanswered questions from BigHit. But that wasn’t all. As the sudden announcement for come-back with so little time for ARMYs to mentally and financially prepare for it was not even close to what we all had to taste. The utter delimma from the shock of not 1 and nope not 2 but 4 different version for BTS’s 2nd Full length album #WINGS. (Rumor of the 5th version is still out there, a deluxe version)

But the dates are out and October 10th 2016 is not far long from today. That is, 29th September 00:00 KST, BigHit drops Bantang Sonyeondan’s First Concept photo for their 2nd Full length album” WINGS “. The first pair to reveal the concept photos were none other that Rap Monster and Jungkook, who, if you remember were also the pair for the first circle of their WINGS logo.

It is a beautiful pair, The Leader and the Maknae.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS CONCEPT PHOTO for WINGS : Leader Vs Maknae14484789 1414528508562407 5864841417993591759 n 300x200 KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS CONCEPT PHOTO for WINGS : Leader Vs Maknae14440835 1414528511895740 8055659376867775677 n 300x200

The attire, both of them in a jacket, red and blue, how fitting can a combination get. The look is glazing on perfectly with the background of the bird (got to give the stylist some extra credit). The same bird that was apart of the whole WINGS Short Films.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS CONCEPT PHOTO for WINGS : Leader Vs Maknae14522908 1414528621895729 5862750751683874519 n 200x300 BTS WINGS RAPMON AND JUNGKOOK {kpop-india}BTS CONCEPT PHOTO for WINGS : Leader Vs Maknae14479556 1414528618562396 2744305175627124151 n 300x200

Straight off the bat, we have the Golden Maknae’s close up photos. Pretty eyes, the look that will have you enchanted if it wasn’t you looking at it through the screens and Jungkook being million miles away. But for those who have digged properly through the WINGS short films you would straight of connect the bed and feather Jungkook laying on the WINGS short film #BEGIN.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS CONCEPT PHOTO for WINGS : Leader Vs Maknae14457534 1414528615229063 6306562687300794961 n 300x200 KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS CONCEPT PHOTO for WINGS : Leader Vs Maknae14390700 1414528518562406 7344480580078384451 n 300x200

” The King laid next to his reflection only to see someone he could not recognise the one he is looking at ” .

Rap Monster is coated with the red jacket and white tee but his surrounding is blurred for your vision as all you can see is that charismatic leader who has already captivated your conscious. But that mirror has got a different attention is it ? The concept has got a spot on for WINGS short film #REFLECTION.

Stay tuned for more updated on BTS’s comeback for thier 2nd full length album “WINGS”  and wait for rest for the 5 member’s concept photos to be revealed here on Destination Kpop.


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