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BTS gets 3 Million subscribers on VApp

It has been almost a year since the Korean LIVE Broadcasting app VApp was launched, where you can follow your favorite Korean pop artist and have Live Broadcasting sessions with them. The Vapp has now grown a lot in a span of almost a year. From Kpop artist to curators having their own VApp accounts which you can subscribe to their channel and follow them.

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VApp is also the ground for more KPOP artist to broadcast before their come-backs, release their Music videos and even show few of their reality shows. Among the most popular artist on VApp are the Bangtan Boys, who have just hit their 3 Million followers.

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BTS have been very active on VApp, interacting with A.R.M.Ys, having one on one moments and also with many different type of approach. Like Rap Monster and Jungkook having their very own special “English class session” where RapMonster teaches a english lesson to Jungkook per video, Jimin and V with their ” Satoori Talk “, giving you tips from the pro satoori user from Busan and Daegu, Jin with “EAT JIN ” where Jin LIVE broadcasts eating LIVE and interacting with fans (oh thinking about it makes my mouth water though I just have a super heavy dinner a minute ago) and finally JHope and Suga with their own Segment.

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During 2015, while promoting HYYH part 1 BTS  has two separate shows “BTS GAYO  and “BTS RUN” and guess no one took the hint that “RUN” was going to be the title track form HYYH Part 1. It has episodes where the boys competed in many games which ended badly for the losing team with punishment they couldn’t escape.

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The app is easy and friendly to use, all you have to do is download it on your mobile or device, you can also log in from your desktop. And while your bias groups or artist are online you can comment and give hearts as much as you can. Which also has it’s benefits, the more you participate the higher your Chemibeat increases which give you more chances to be the fan of the week and it is said that the top fans would also receive gifts.

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BTS being very loved, was also given the opportunity to be part of the main event for HALLOWEEN event last year where VApp organised it and A.R.M.Ys all over the work had the opportunity to get a chance to win and see BTS LIVE for the event.

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And recently BTS’s visit to Europe and their reality show ” BON VOYAGE ” having 8 episodes was only access on VApp but with exceptional amount to be paid if you wanted to watch the show.

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VApp has many perks, as it is KOREA’s national app for allowing you enjoy the broadcasting of your favorite app it has few special videos that only VApp has limit access too and have the privilege to broadcast it first. Like BTS’s recent videos on their BTS WINGS short films, which were shared on YouTube as well but the 7th and the Last video, part of the BTS WINGS short film was first broadcasted on VApp alone for over 24hours till later it was available on YouTube.

So if you still have no downloaded VApp yet on your devices, it is best time to get it and it is totally free.

Click HERE to follow BTS On VApp and get the chance to watch them LIVE, chat with them and best part, have them read your comments!

HERE is the LINK to their last broadcast.


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