BTS Release MV for Japanese Version of ‘RUN’

BTS unveil the music video of the Japanese version of 'RUN'


BTS have been on a roll with their recent string of accomplishments. Not only have the boys seen chart topping success with “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” (both Part 1 and 2), their 14 week (and counting!) streak on the Billboard’s ‘World Album Chart’ and their more recent win at the 5th Gaon Awards for ‘World Hallyu Star‘.

The group are known to release music with a theme that carries out into their lyrics and music videos and with “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” Part 1 & 2 came three angsty yet beautiful music videos for “Prologue”, “I NEED U” and “RUN”.

Fans and the K-Pop world in general went crazy trying to string together the three seemingly related videos with plot theories that till now have not been clarified.

And now, with BTS beginning their Japanese promotions the group have dropped the MV for the Japanese version of “RUN”! The video is not just dubbed with the Japanese version of the track but has been almost completely re-shot and fans are going crazy trying to put together plot theories.

Check out the MV below and see if you can piece together what it all means!

BTS will be releasing their 6th Japanese single (“RUN”/”Butterfly”) on March 15!

If you are reading this lets rewatch the mv and put the jigsaw pieces together !


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