BTS’ Suga Talks About His Mixtape For Grazia Magazine



BTS’ rapper Suga held a solo photo shoot and interview with Grazia magazine to discuss his first mixtape “Agust D.”

The mixtape released under the name “Agust D” features 10 tracks and has caused quite a stir since its release. Featured Artists include rapper Yankie and indie vocalist SURAN.

In his interview, he explained why he used the name “Agust D”, and said “I arranged DT Suga, backwards. DT is D Town, and refers to my hometown, Daegu.” The rapper takes a lot of pride in his hometown and has previously referred to it in his lyrics several times. He went on to say that “I like the meaning and it sounds cool, so I think I’ll continue using this name when I work externally. Plus I have a good feeling [about the name] because my mixtape came out in August.”

Suga further commented, “[The mixtape] has everything I wanted to do with hip-hop as the foundation. There are strong lyrics that will make people say ‘Huh? He did this?’ and ‘Is it okay for him to write such lyrics?’ Overall, I feel relieved that I was able to tell the story inside my mind.”DKpop India {kpop-india}BTS’ Suga Talks About His Mixtape For Grazia Magazine03883 13694611 1357795530916157 1747088239 n 820x1024When asked about his goals, the rapper revealed his strong ambitions and said, “The media chases after issues and sets up the standard of beauty as being dependent on how thin someone is. However, there are people on the other side of the world starving and dying because they do not have food to eat. There needs to be more attention towards that side. If I become an influential and honorable person, wouldn’t I be able to shift people’s attention to that side?”

It’s certainly refreshing to see an artist use his platform to talk about the toxicity of beauty standards. He also addresses the cost of fame and his struggle with depression in his powerful mixtape.

The full photo shoot and interview will be available in the 82nd issue of Grazia.


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