BTS WINGS Photo Concept : TaeHope


30th September, BigHit reveals the photo concept for the 3rd pair, JHope and V.

We have already received the concept photos for both Rap monster and Jungkook pair and Jimin and Suga pair the past two days and it is finally V and JHope’s time to shine. (Go TaeHope)

Although it did not come as a surprise regarding JHope’s hair colour because of the WINGS Trailer Video where JHope danced away (flashback to that normal-human-can-do back kick move) and open their upcoming album, WINGS, their 2nd full length album. But V, Kim Taehyung’s hair, all honey golden did come to a shock and was a blessing. From his previous color, all blood red  (SAVE ME MV ).

The boy looked stunning on both their couple and single photos.

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BigHit really love pairing their artist up and giving the couple look, but hey! you don’t see anyone complaining. Stripe and velvet jackets, in shades of all blue. The concept this time give warmth if you notice how each one compliments the other. Though different yet very compatible. (Are they getting ready for bed  though? )

Below let us first have Mr. Taehyung ‘HERE’. Is that a self invitation or are we yet again in another trap like BigHit always leads us in. His Honey blond hair and the earring weighing like a love lost that pull your everyday normal life down because of the past. The print on his Jacket, inner sweater and even the scarfs are so bold yet it gels well. The lighting play a major role in this but you can’t disagree that, it is Taehyung himself who brings that smooth yet dangerously addictive attention on him with a simple glance. His individual photos may have been focused merely on his features but if you watched WINGS short film #STIGMA and find a connection to the second photo, the world would be different for you.

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But unlike Taehyung’s photos, without leaving a trail of hints, JHope’s concept photos are just the opposite. You can clearly see all the connection to both the WINGS short film #MAMA he on and the Trailer for WINGS as well.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS WINGS Photo Concept : TaeHope14440909 1416731748342083 8102165717122792815 n

The paint is all over, covering all sides of him. Like he is surrounded by millions of  thoughts and emotions in all shades from light to dark, happy to gloomy that he cant avoid. In all black, like he mourns over a loss.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}BTS WINGS Photo Concept : TaeHope14440995 1416731701675421 2907273986255459648 n

This Photo above could be one of the main connections to WINGS short films #STIGMA where V featured and #MAMA where JHope featured in. ‘The painting’, is all that will be mentioned here.

Jung Hoseok has gotten so much more beautiful and this album will show even more sides of him and his talents, as his potentials have been highlighted from WINGS Trailer.

Read the post below for the previous articles on BTS WINGS concept and keep following Destination Kpop for more updates on BTS’s comeback and more.

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