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BTS #WINGS track list : with CYPHER PT 4!


BigHit and BTS has finally worked their way around in bringing the spitfire, off-with-the-formalities, the hard truth and the most awaited track “CYPHER PT 4” for their latest and upcoming album.

6th October, 2016 00:00 KST BigHit let us in on BTS’s upcoming album WINGS’s track-list which is their 2nd full lenght album.

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WINGS will consist for 15 tracks in total, with ‘Intro : BOY MEETS EVIL‘, the one JHope tooK over with MV that was released about a week ago, and ‘LIE’, ‘BEGIN‘, ‘AWAKE‘, ‘STIGMA‘, ‘FIRST LOVE ‘, ‘REFLECTION‘ and ‘MAMA‘ which were the title for the 7 short films of WINGS. As predicted though, along with ‘AM I WRONG‘, ‘LOST ‘, ‘INTERLUDE : WINGS‘ and three more tracks that are titled in Korean. The last track that knocked the socks off of everyone is the most awaited and the most anticipated track “CYPHER PT 4”. If you have been a fan of Bangtan or their unique style of music then you are well aware of the powerful trilogy track of CYPHER. CYPHER part 1, 2 & 3 are tracks that are purely taken over by the rapline, Rap Monster, SUGA and JHope. The lyrics alone will make you think twice is this is just your average Kpop group. (But then again, the average Kpop group does not exist anymore, everyone has grown so much!)

A.R.M.Ys have called it their anthem, non-A.R.M.Ys have respected Bangtan because of there three tracks alone as well, many artist have praised and was amazed at the lyrics and production skill and talent that hover around the three tracks which has it’s own unique and distinguished style and mark about them.

Bet none of you are ready for what’s about to come.

Click on the post below to read more on BTS on our previous articles.

BTS WINGS Last Photo Concept: Group and Pink JIN!

Only 4 more days till the albums drops, till then follow us for more updates on BTS WINGS.


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