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#BTSBBMAs Takes The Lead With Record Breaking VOTEs From Day 1!

Bangtan Boys have reached higher than ever, being nominated for an award at the Billboard Music Awards 2017, for the category ” TOP SOCIAL ARTIST “, going against various artist , like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and 6 times winner Justin Bieber. Being the only Kpop group and international artist to be nominated for this category.

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The voting began from 1st of May, with two portals available for voting, via twitter and the Official Billboards site. With a limit of 100 tweets and votes per day, per account. Streaming their MVs and song on other sites like Youtube, spotify etc counts.

Being a new comer and first time nominee for Billboard Music awards the voting stats showed beyond ground breaking records. The votes have been increasing since day one and was in lead by 21 million votes. Recorded with  being tweeted over kpop india {kpop-india}#BTSBBMAs Takes The Lead With Record Breaking VOTEs From Day 1!c9g7sjbuqaiyhzc {kpop-india}Single Cloud Template – Fast Newsc9g7sjbuqaiyhzc86,000+ tweets per minute. Follow  on twitter for more updated stats. 

Indian ARMYs have been participating at a great numbers as well with 88,400+ votes on the first day. Top three cities voting are 1. New Delhi, 2. Mumbai and 3. Bangalore on stats but the whole of ARMYs in India are participating as well.

On 3rd of May, BTS got an invitation to attend the Billboards Music Awards 2017. Mike Mahan, president of Dick Clark Productions, the company in charge of the television production for ‘BBMA.’ tweet replied to fans asking him to invite BTS. Click on this link to read the tweet https://goo.gl/V4dEHa

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The Voting closes on May 21 at 6pm PST. Show in some support for the Kpop fam. To vote, simply tweet with a single hashtag #BTSBBMAs. 100 times a day per account will count. Also Tagging @BTS_twt is acceptable along with the hashtag. Avoid multiple hashtags. You can also go on to http://billboardmusicawards.com/vote to vote another 100 times.

Follow BTS IndianARMYs fanbase accounts on twitter for more details.


Always remember the saying “Teamwork makes the Dream work”


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