All You Need To Know About #BTSLoveMyself and #ENDviolence Campaign With UNICEF!

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Global pop sensation, boy group BTS (Bangtan Boys) joins hands with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to stage campaigns against violence towards children and teens around the world, with the hope of making the world a better place through music.

On November 1, 2017, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment signed an official partnership with the UNICEF Korean Council and sponsored the UNICEF global project #ENDviolence.

#ENDviolence is a project that will help all children around the world come to a safe and healthy future in a world without violence. Through the #ENDviolence project, UNICEF collaborates with government agencies, childcare NGOs, and educational institutions to improve the system and provide psychological treatment programs for affected children, helping children to grow up to health by hurting them.


Children and teens have the right to pursue their lives
in safety and happiness and to grow with love and care.
At this very moment, however, some of them are falling victim
to various levels of violence.
Many of them are unable to enjoy their fair share of chances
to dream of a healthy future.


“Love myself, share love”— this is the true meaning of love
and what we want to share with others and promote in the broader world.
We want to lend a helping hand to children and teens exposed to violence.
With our love and care, this world can be turned into
a better place where people can dream of tomorrow.

BTS has released the “Love Myself” campaign video to support the cause. Check it out below.

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A LOVE MYSELF fund is being raised with the four types of donations below over the next two years:

  • Donations worth KRW 500 million from Big Hit Entertainment and the seven BTS members
  • Donations of 3% of the income from the sales of physical albums of the Love Yourself series
  • Donations of 100% of the income from the sales of official goods for the LOVE MYSELF campaign
  • Donations at the donation desks installed by UNICEF

If you are ready to love others and yourself, you can click the button below to participate.


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