Cheese In The Trap : Episode 01 Recap


The episode begins with our protagonist Hong- Seol  (Kim Go-eun), at college party. She is completely sloshed and keeps repeating that she’s exhausted. She bangs her fist against the table and conclusively says, “I’m going to take time off from school”. Her friends, worried, try to help her home. Suddenly she points at an empty chair asking “Where did he go?!” and backs up only to fall off the chair. Ouch.

cheese1-00041The boy immediately rushes to her and Hong Seol looks up at him and says, “He’s here. It’s all your fault!”. She glares at him but passes out.
We take flashback to a beginning of the year party for her department (business administration)
Hong Seol meets her friend Bora (Park Min-ji) and Eun Taek (Nam Joo-hyuk) who is referred to as her ‘Lackey’. She congratulates Hong Seol on coming back after earning tuition fee for one and a half year and the three of them make small talk.
On the other side of the table a senior tries to force a student to eat his “soju wrap”, the eventual victim of which is our Hong Seol. Unable to say no she tries to force it down but failed.cheese1-00074

Aaaand cue Mr. Right. (Who is played by no one other than the lovely Park Hae Jin) Meeting Mr. Right while spewing out the contents of a particularly disgusting wrap is truly a wonderful beginning to a love story. Classic.
Mr. Right, we are told, is named Yoo Jung. He has returned to school as a third-year student after coming back from the army. He is being introduced to everyone when Nam Joo Yeon pushes him for a refill. However, the entire pitcher ends up on her lap. He furiously apologizes but Seol catches him smiling, something that everyone seems to miss. They look at each other and she wonders what is with him. So apparently Park Hae-jin’s smile is the source of grief for all women- fictional and non-fictional alike.

cheese1-00104Later when Seol is coming out of a washroom she runs into that Senior who is messing around with students’ funds. She pretends to not have seen or heard anything and heads downstairs. As his voice booms, “Jung is here. What are you worried about?” Seol spots Jung standing below the staircase having heard everything. Her voiceover from the future thinks “At that moment….if only I hadn’t run into him like that”.


The next day the same Senior confronts Seol and accuses her of ratting him out. Confused, she tells him she has no idea what he is talking about. He replies, “Who else was there besides you?”. Immediately she turns to look at Yoo Jung who again smirks. Not even 10 minutes into the show and Park Hae- Jin has started messing with people’s lives. Are we watching Bad Guys Season 2?  The scene gets more confusing as Jung comes to Seol’s rescue. He tells her, “I think you did what you had to do, Seol” to which she gives the most amazing ‘you’ve-gotta-be-kidding-me’ look. She stands up to him and says ” You were there too”. God bless her. Finally a heroine who knows how to speak up. But, of course, nobody believes her.
Joo Yeon gets defensive when Seol implies that maybe it was Jung’s doing and tells her that he’s the one who controlled the situation before it got out of hand and even paid for it so it’s rather unreasonable to assume he would be the culprit. Seol turns to him again and asks, unfazed, “Was it really not you ?”
Her voiceover sighs, “I shouldn’t have said that to him. Behind that smile of his, there was a scary duplicitous way about him that he kept hidden”
Later that day, she runs him into again at the coffee shop. She tries to avoid him but Jung is all smiles and manners. He trades his juice for her coffee, commenting on how should drink something healthy. Why is him being nice seem like such a shady thing?


Joo Yeon takes it upon herself to harass our poor Seol. She misinforms her about the timings of her class. She’s woken up by Bora’s call. There is a pop quiz that could result in an F if missed. She hurries up to her college as her friends come up with plans to help her. Bora suggests kidnapping the professor and promises a kiss on the cheek in return. The thought of which completely shakes up Eun Taek. Omg he’s such a cutie.

Good news: The professor has severe abdominal pain and doesn’t show up.

Bad news: The Teacher’s Assistant Heo is instructed to take the test.

As he starts the roll call Eun Taek snatches the class roster and runs off with it. TA Heo chases him around the halls until he spots Seol and decides to stop. He is pulled by the ear and dragged back to class as he cutely repeats “I love you” to the professor. I’ll take one Eun Taek to go, thank you.


Hong Seol takes all the opportunities to avoid Yoo Jung. She takes the staircase instead of the lift. She trips on the way and as she is picking up the papers Jung stands over them and says, “You should be more careful”. She sits down and thinks, “His distinct feelings of malice toward me. Because of one person my school life was like hell.”


We’re back to the present where Bora is concerned about what her friend said about leaving. She decides this is because of money and offers her money that she has been saving up for 10 months for backpacking. Hong Seol tries to convince her that’s not the case and gives her the money back but does not mention Yoo Jung.
Suddenly she gets a call from Eun Taek telling her that Seol got full scholarship. Seol is stumped and I have a feeling Yoo Jung had to do something with this.
The course selection begins and everyone fights for Professor Han’s class as it is supposed to be easier than Professor Kang’s. Luckily all three make it into their wanted classes.
On their way they meet Jung and Sang Chul (that bully senior). Sang Chul congratulates Seol on the scholarship and asks for a treat as Joo Yeon interrupts and informs Seol that she should give Jung 10 times more since he’s the one responsible for it. I knew it!
Seol mules over this as she enters the library and logs in on the computer. She thinks “Ah. Something is off” just as Jung comes up from behind. He’s all smiles again as he tells her he’s happy to see her again. Seriously, what is up with this guy?


He asks Seol to eat lunch with him to which she appropriately replies, “WHAT?!” She makes up a weak excuse of not eating lunch in general and practically runs off. Outside she catches up with her friends and they leave together to eat. Jung watches them leave and smirks a little. God, that boy is creepy.  I swear it’s like Bad Guys all over again .


So its Professor Han’s class and there are a lot of unregistered students. He’s sweet and he politely asks them to leave by the end of the roll call. The roll call ends and Hong Seol starts panicking as her name was not called out. Uh-huh. Prof checks his register and tells her that’s she’s not there. She tries to check with the department but the data shows that she dropped out of it. She and her friends wonder if her account as hacked and who could have done this.
Surprisingly(?) Jung also drops in, in another of her classes. What a co-incidence. *ahem* *ahem*
He cheerfully greets her and tell her to have fun. “What ‘fun’ “, she mumbles bitterly as she thinks to herself “Gosh, how did we end up in the same class?”. Still in thought, she stumbles upon the conclusion that Jung is the one who hacked her ID.


On her way back Jung catches up to her and asks her out for dinner. She refuses point blank. They talk more about who the culprit could be. Later Jung is in the office looking into that case and he asks for a favor. How is this a Rom-Com ?! There is way too much suspense. And why is he looking into this? Isn’t he the one who did it?
Seol meets Prof Han and tries to convince her to let her take his class. He politely declines and insists that Prof Kang is an admirable teacher. Prof Kang also turns up and wishes Seol a good semester.
In the next scene Jung arrives at the Coffee shop where Seol works. He orders an Americano and a strawberry shake. As she presents him his order he tells her to keep the strawberry shake. In all other circumstances that would be a sweet thing to do. Here, however, it just makes me and Seol more apprehensive.
Seol continues to have a bad day as she turns up late for her class with Prof Kang, something which she is consequently reprimanded for. However not all is bad since a classmate of hers, Son Min Soo, tells her that she knows who might have dropped her out of Prof Han’s class. To nobody’s surprise Yoo Jung was found lurking around the computer after Seol left.
Jung follows her out of the library and straight up asks her if she suspects him. She tells him to deny it. Instead he arranges a meeting in front of the library so they can see the security footage together.


Later Jung calls Joo Yeon to tell her he won’t be attending the lecture because he has a meeting up with Seol to watch the security. Interestingly, the entire time he stays in a position where he can watch them but not the other way round.


He reaches without Seol. She waits for him for a while before going in without him. Bora conjures up a sob story for the guard to let them in. They succeed but leave without any proper answers as the CCTV camera was placed at a disadvantageous position. The only thing clear to Seol now, is that Jung is innocent.


Now we’re on a rooftop where Jung confronts Sang Chul about this incident. Sang Chul plays the victim as he tells Jung that in order to pass the course he needed Prof Han’s class but between him dropping Hong Seol and taking the class himself, someone beat him to it and he still ended up with Prof Kang’s class. What goes around…comes back around.
Creepily amused Jung admits that he didn’t actually know Sang Chul was the culprit. The camera’s location makes that spot a blind spot. Now angry, Sang Chul asks him “Were you just playing me?” Coolly Jung replies, “Of course not. I didn’t know you would spill everything like this.”
Seol is still pondering over Jung as she runs into him again. She asks him why didn’t he just admit his innocence to which he replies “Would you have believed me ?” She admits she wouldn’t have but only to herself. Jung attempts to ask her out to dinner again but he is turned down again as she tells him she doesn’t eat dinner. Girl, you need to come up with better excuses if you’re turning Park Hae Jin down.


The same night Seol tries to console herself, “I like to think it was someone who was more desperate than I was”, which is partially true as Hang Chul talks to his mother, boasting about eating expensive food as eats a rather simple meal. No no. Don’t do that to me, drama. I’ve already categorized him as a bully. Don’t make me pity him!



Someplace else a disheveled looking man (Baek In Ho played by Seo Kang-joon) is waiting for someone. A car pulls u as a rich looking girl steps out. A particularly angry man steps out after her ( Baek In Ha played by Lee Sung-kyung) as he starts screaming indecencies after her. Absolutely unfazed she calls him out as well as our disheveled looking guy cuts in. The angry man assumes him to be her boyfriend and runs off.
As it turns out  they are siblings. I’m assuming they don’t have a very good relationship as they constantly bicker at each other.  In Ha has quit school and lives off the money of other men. In ho says, “You’re pathetic”. In Ha retorts by saying he’s pathetic as well since he has been goofing off for 5 years and is back to take more money from this mysterious Chairman. She mentions treatment and rehab fees so I’m guessing some tragic event in the past is about to play an important role in the show.


As he leaves, In Ha asks him if he has met Jung yet. That stops him. She tries to call Jung and doesn’t reach through but pretends anyway. She also texts him asking him to “get together just like the old times”.  Jung deletes the message and continues reading.
The next day in Prof Kang’s class Hong Seol decides to take this incident in a good stride. She thinks to herself, “Since it happened this way, I might as well work hard. I’m sure there’s something I can learn”.


Aaand look who turns up! It’s Mr. Right….in Kang’s class?

As it turns out he shifted his class as he thought it would be more fun. He makes his way to Hong Seol’s seat as she holds her head in her hands and thinks, “What’s with this guy?!”


As much as I want this shift of classes to be a way to bond with Seol, I think it more probably was so Sang Chul could take the easier class and pass the course. Ahh Jung is so confusing.When I looked up this show I found out this is based on a webtoon. Many of the fans were disappointed by the casting but some thought it was spot on. I started with a clean slate so for me the cast just nailed it. I’ve never watched anything by Go- Eun and I must say I’m impressed. Mentioning Park Hae jin and his amazing-ness at this point is rather unnecessary because in case you didn’t pay attention- I am irrevocably in love with him.

What I enjoyed the most about the show was how I was on the edge constantly as none of the characters acted like I expected them to. We had an unreliable narrator which just added to the layers of the drama. Yoo Jung managed to remain ambiguous without Park Hae Jin having to be expressionless, a road I’ve noticed many actors to take. Him and his cryptic smile was enough to leave me clueless throughout the episode.

Baek In Ho will make more appearances as I’m guessing he’s to play the second lead. Waaee??!! I don’t think my heart can take this triangle.

I can’t wait to see how this show unfolds. Let us know what you thought of it!



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