CJeS Releases Shots of Junsu Behind-the-Scenes of Final Performance of ‘Dracula’

CJeS releases adorable behind-the-scenes pictures of vampire Junsu


JYJ’s Xia Junsu took the internet by storm when the first posters of the ‘Dracula‘ musical were released. It was of no surprise that the extremely talented vocalist had scored yet another musical, but fangirls could not stop gushing over how good the artist looked dressed as a vampire!

Junsu’s agency CJeS Entertainment released several behind-the-scenes images of the musical’s lead to celebrate the final performance of ‘Dracula’. The gorgeous artist took on the role of Dracula in Korea‚Äôs very first production of the musical in 2014 and took on the role once more for it’s second production which ran from January 23 to February 9. The musical has been highly acclaimed and has been marked as a huge success!

Junsu thanked his fans and everyone else who came out to watch the musical for their love and support and said that their cheers gave him the strength to work hard until the end. He also added that he hopes to take on a variety of activities this year and we are definitely looking forward to it!

The behind-the-scenes shots released by CJeS revolves around the artist’s dressing room where he lounges in his robes with perfectly done make-up depicting his role. The shots feature the gorgeous artist posing with a doll of his character ‘Dracula’, playing on his cell phone, cutely eating fruit, laughing with friends and relaxing with an ice pack on his head.

Check out the cute pictures of the red-headed vampire below!

Follow Junsu on his personal Instagram – @xiaxiaxia1215!


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