CL and little sister ‘Lee Ha Rin’ glam up for W Magazine!

CL and her little sister Lee Ha Rin glam up for W Magazine's January 2016 issue!


Earlier this week, photos of CL‘s little sister Lee Ha-rin hit the internet making netizens gasp in awe at how pretty she was and at how the sibling share immensely similar good looks. The rapper from power girl group 2NE1 took to her personal Instagram and posted a black-and-white picture of the two of them together at what seems like the set of CL’s new music video.

The post was soon followed by a picture of CL sprawled out on the floor with her make-up done quite dramatically and her silver hued hair locks that balanced between blue and violet. The picture was apparently a teaser for her W Magazine photoshoot.

Here are the pictures posted by K-Pop’s ‘baddest female‘ that should have had us ready for the pictures that would come next!

The charismatic rapper and her little sister donned dramatic dark make up and almost gothic outfits in their pictorial for W Magazine‘s January 2016 issue stunning fans with their beauty and poise. Not to forget their remarkable similarities!

Here are some photos from the W Magazine shoot that CL posted on her personal Instagram!

I really wanted to do this because I thought it would create good memories with my sister,” commented the leader of 2NE1 during the interview that followed the photo shoot also adding that she was worried that it was her little sister’s first time being in a photo shoot setting. However, CL seemed happy with the experience as she added – “I am relieved to see she had fun and the images are turning out so well.”

It was reported that big sister Lee Chae-rin (better known as CL) and little sister Lee Ha-rin showed a close bond during the shoot inspite of having ten years gap as they spent apart due to work and school respectively.

On her enigmatic sense of style the twenty-four year old artist who is yet to make her solo debut in the US said – “I think I grow when I am in front of the camera. I always enjoy researching and exploring on my own.”

The full interview and photo-shoot will be featured in W Magazine’s January 2016 issue and will be released on December 20, 2015.

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