“Classification of Sunbaes” by NCT 127


If you are a maknae group of any agency, then the most common question you’ll encounter is “How are your sunbaes?”, “Which sunbae do you like the most?”, “Do they treat you nicely?”. Well, the list of questions is unlimited but our space isn’t :p

On August 2, NCT 127, the maknae group of SM entertainment, appeared on MBC’s “Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’Clock Date“. As expected they WERE asked about their senior artists.

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The group mentioned a number of artists and what they think about them. TVXQ’s Yunho turned out to be the best sunbae, and the one who’s passion they admire a lot. Meanwhile, Kangta got an image of being the hardest to approach or get close to. To cover up this reveal,they quickly added “We admire you. We love you.” awkwardly.

Then comes the most important question, “Who treat them to food most often?”. The answer??? Our healing Unicorn Lay(EXO) (Food?? Lay?? I am hungry too Oppa 🙁 🙁 ) They further explained that other seniors treat them to food too but Lay had been taking them out since their trainee days.

TVXQ’s Changmin is the one who speak really kindly, EXO’S Suho praise them a lot (who doesn’t like compliments??). Our Cinderella(Super Junior’s Heechul) is the most playful.

I’m happy that they have such a nice Hoobae-Sunbae relationship 🙂


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