Cnblue Gives A Sneak Peek Into Their MV

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Cnblue has set the stage ready for the fans!

Cnblue released their MV teaser making the fans more excited for the MV that is to be released on April 4. After teasing fans with numerous  teaser images and track list, it is finally time to unveil what they store in the MV for the fans.

The teaser is very colorful and features all the members. The title track is called “You are so fine.” The tune of the song is very catchy and spring feels in that. It is probably not required to say how handsome all of them look!

Check out the teaser below:

Along with the MV teaser, Cnblue also released the highlight medley of the album. All the songs in the albums has their own deep significance with a new feeling. It will be refreshing to hear the spring feels blends with guitar and drums. The highlight medley is making fans so excited that they can barely wait for the album to have official release now.

Let us listen to the highlight now:

Are you ready to sing along with Cnblue?


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