CNBLUE May Have April Comeback!

Kpop India

Three months into 2016 and we already have some hot comebacks. And everyday we wake up to new comeback news! Now the next band who is rumored to make a comeback soon is CNBLUE!

As per the music insider, CNBLUE is ready to rock the stage in April. FNC issued a statement that CNBLUE is indeed recording songs and preparing for comeback but no exact date has been released for their comeback. It is said that the comeback will probably be in early April. Boice (CNBLUE’s fandom) is thrilled with the confirmation hence proving how much they missed the boys.

We last saw CNBLUE in September 2015 with a fairy tale track, Cinderella. It has been seven months we last saw them. Ever since then they are on their tour holding concert in different part of Asia. Along with the concert, the members also had individual schedules to keep up.

CNBLUE has always been known for writing their own songs and deciding on their own concepts. So, it will be exciting to see what concept they store for us this. Meanwhile, CNBLUE is also set to have 10th Japan single album release ‘ Puzzle ‘ in May. It seems like it is going to be a hectic first half for the boys but we are definitely looking forward to see them into the comeback lineup .

Are you excited for their comeback? What type of concept are you anticipating this time?


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