CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and Sunwoo Jung A drops teaser for their collaboration song “Hello”

Yonghwa and Sunwoo Jung A collaboration song's video teaser released!


Collaboration songs are doing really well in the charts these days in KPOP world and we have another collaboration between CNBLUE’s leader Yonghwa and well-known indie artist and song-writer/composer Sunwoo Jung A which is scheduled to release on January 15th.

After releasing a number of teaser images for their collaboration album, the teaser video their song “Empathy” was released yesterday and earlier today, they dropped another video teaser for their song “Hello”.

The expectations of the collaboration album are very high as both the artists are known to be amazing vocalists. While KPOP fans are already very familiar with the singing talent of Yonghwa, Sunwoo Jun A is also well known in the Korean independent music genre. She also has ties with YG Entertainment and has even written the lyrics for 2NE1’s “It hurts”. Also, both singers have revealed that they always wanted to work with each other from a very long time.

As we wait for the official release of the songs on January 15th, check out the video teasers of both “Empathy” and “Hello” below.

So, who is excited for these new songs from Yonghwa and Sunwoo Jung A?


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