The Collaboration!

A Sino-Korean amalgam of musical talent'


As a recent development of the growing goodwill between the Chinese and Korean music industry, artists from either nation have come together to create entertaining music. ‘The Collaboration’ is a joint venture of China’s Ten Cent Entertainment, Korea’s YG Entertainment and SBS Media Network. As a new variety show, it focusses on pairing up influential musicians and artists from both, Korea and China, and forming teams in order to collaborate, produce and improve their music.

The show is co-produced by SBS Media and Peng Shun for the 24th anniversary of the China-South Korea relations. It currently airs via Ten Cent Video in China (8PM CST) and on SBS MTV (9 PM KST) with 9 more episodes spread out over a two-week schedule.

The participants have been divided into team China and Korea, with taunting artists gathered from either side. Team Korea is comprised of AOMG’s CEO Jay Park, Block B’s leader Zico, WINNER’s Mino and Kang korea {kpop-india}The Collaboration!team korea 300x300

Each of these musicians aren’t only influential ambassadors of the growing hallyu wave, but also talented artists themselves. Jay Park has garnered much fame for his talented skills as a music producer and is the founder and CEO of the hip-hop label AOMG. He won ‘Male Musician of the Year Netizen Vote’ in Korea Music Awards 2015.

In terms of rap skills, Zico is not one to lose out on the fame. He is one of the few idol rappers who have maintained a steady fame in the underground rap scene, and on mainstream media with songs like ‘Pour Up’ and ‘Yes or No’.

WINNER’s Mino is known for being the runner up on the hit series ‘Show Me The Money 4’. His song ‘Fear’, released during the show, dominated several music charts and earned him nation-wide recognition for his skills as a producer and rapper.
Kang Seungyoon, the leader of WINNER, won 4th place at Superstar K2 and went on to release his own composition ‘It Rains’ pre-debut, which created much buzz for being a crowd-pleaser. He went on to have a thrilling solo career with hits like ‘Wild & Young’ before he became the leader of YG’s boy group WINNER.

‘The Collaboration’ pairs up each Korean artist with a Chinese artist to produce music together, which will be up for online voting by netizens on the show’s 2nd and 4th episodes.

team china {kpop-india}The Collaboration!team china 183x300

Team China is comprised of veteran Chinese musicians such as Yu Tian, Hu Xia, Wang Yue Xin and Xue Zhiqian. As the winner of ‘Most Popular Newcomer Award’ at Enlight’s Music festival, Yu Tian shows a lot of promise for a young musician. He is known for his genre of pop, rock or inspirational music.

Hu Xia is a Chinese singer and actor who participated in Taiwan TV’s ‘One Million Stars’ and is known for his contribution to the OST of Chinese film ‘You Are the Apple of my Eye’.

Wang Yue Xin is a Chinese pop music singer who won seventh place on the 2007 series ‘Happy Boys’. He has acted in several films and TV series including ‘The Ark of Mr. Chow’ and ‘Meteor Shower’.
Xue Zhiqian, also known as Jacky, is one of mainstream China’s pop music artists. He was one of the last four contestants in the competition ‘My Show’ and is known for making hit albums. Xue’s first self-titles album, released in 2006, sold over 200,000 copies and became the most sold out album during its period.

‘The Collaboration’ has created a huge buzz between several communities and holds well on the expectations it as created so far. We must wait, just like you, to see what kind of brilliant music will come out of this collaboration!

Stay tune for more updates!

By –  Aishwarya Iyer


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