Cosmic Girls Sparkle In Swarovski Stage Outfits

Cosmic Girls don sparkly Swarovski accented stage outfits for "MO MO MO" debut


It was previously reported that Yuehua Entertainment and Starship Entertainment’s Cosmic Girls would be collaborating with crystal jewelry brand Swarovski for their debut stage.

The luxury brand has collaborated with several top celebrities such as Beyonce, Madonna and Pharrell Williams making it quite a big deal considering the collaboration is with a rookie girl group.

The girls’ who recently debuted with “MO MO MO” wore outfits featuring several star shaped designs as it symbolizes the group and their ‘cosmic’ theme. The stars are reportedly made by hand out of the most expensive crystals which includes black diamonds and jet hematite. The crystal stars appear on the girls’ eye catching and unique gloves and also all over their stage outfits making for a truly sparkly performance.

Check out the bling on some of their stage outfits below!


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