Cosmic Girls Take on Pastel for ‘The Celebrity’

Cosmic Girls take on pastel themed photoshoot for 'The Celebrity'


Yuehua Entertainment and Starship Entertainment’s rookie girl group, Cosmic Girls recently shot a pastel themed pictorial for ‘The Celebrity‘ and the images are breathtaking.

The girl group recently debuted with the bubbly track “MOMOMO” and the dance track with a hip hop edge “Catch Me” proving they can rock both sweet and sexy images.

Group members Yeoreum, Seol A, Exy, Cheng Xiao, Bona and Eunseo took part in the pictorial showing off dusky pastel hued make up, light colored clothing and innocent poses. The shoot like their other pictures, highlights the girls’ unique ‘cosmic’ charms and youthful femininity which looks perfect for spring!

Check out the pictures from the shoot below and tell us what you think of their pastel themed looks!



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