Crayon Pop joins Instagram as a group


Ahead of their reported comeback in August, Crayon Pop’s label Chrome Entertainment have revealed the group’s official Instagram. The account has uploaded 7 images till now and if these pictures are from their comeback, then our girls have got a whole new package for us as these pictorials are different from their previous concepts.

As for those who are wondering if this is actually the official account or not… Yes, it is the official account as the members themselves posted about it on their personal accounts.

Check out few posts by the group’s account below:

Kpop india {kpop-india}Crayon Pop joins Instagram as a group13671938 265162073862905 1794117205 n e1468661146303 300x199

Having fun girls?? Can I Join, please??

kpop India {kpop-india}Crayon Pop joins Instagram as a group13712286 1764740703797414 132479157 n e1468661295292 300x217

Hearts for all the fans out there…They look so cute.

kpop India {kpop-india}Crayon Pop joins Instagram as a group13714065 267215290324407 2072951360 n e1468661380660 300x201

Seeing them in these animal hoodies and sweatshirts, I feel like buying one too. and wear it everywhere and anywhere I go.

Have you followed them yet?? If not, go ahead and do it here-> @crayonpop_official_


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