Cross Gene Official Fan Club Announcement Retracted

Cross Gene fans have to wait a little longer for an official fan club name

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Amuse Korea’s multinational six member boy band, Cross Gene announced their official fan club name only to be taken down within a few hours on February 16th.

It was for the first time in almost four years of Cross Gene’s debut, that their official fan club name was announced. The official fan club name was called Destiny. The name held a special meaning pertaining to the meeting of Cross Gene and their fans as destiny.

However later in the day, Cross Gene released a statement on their official fan cafe that the so called fan club name stands to be revoked because of it being misleading to the fans. It was argued that the fan club name Destiny was quite similar to girl group BESTie’s fan club called BESTiny.

In the statement released Cross Gene informed that they were taking down the official fan club name and recruitment schedule announced earlier today as it was quite similar to an already existing fandom name. They had announced Destiny as their fandom name as they only wanted the fans to be the seventh member of the group that stands together with Cross Gene fulfilling their existence. However , they later realized that this fandom name could attract unwanted controversy over rights hence they decided to re-announce a better fandom name for Cross Gene and their fans. The official fandom recruitment shall now begin from March 2nd and all details there-of shall be duly informed.

Well, looks like Cross Gene fans have to go back to waiting a little bit more for an official fan club announcement.

Cross Gene had a comeback this January 21st with their 3rd mini-album titled GAME after almost a year. The mini album consist of six tracks including the title track Noona, You. In the meantime , while wel wait for their official fan club announcement we suggest you check out their latest release, starting with their peppy and highly energetic MV for their title track Noona, You below!




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